Super Duper
Super Duper
Only 350 Available!

What You Get:

Gringo Bandito Private Reserve,
signed and numbered by Dexter.
Also a spare bottle so you
can actually try the stuff!

Two limited edition guitar picks,
cool card and new
4" x 3" patch!

2018 Private Reserve T-Shirt

Opportunity to win this extremely
rare (#1 of 1) signed glicee print.
  • One bottle of Gringo Bandito Private Reserve Hot Sauce
  • This year's recipe features the incredibly spicy Scotch Bonnet pepper accented with delicious habaneros
  • Custom silver foil label, hand numbered and signed by Dexter Holland
  • New 4" x 3" patch and wooden pine box including clear cover to display your 2018 Private Reserve bottle
  • Comes with a spare bottle so you can actually try the stuff!
  • 2018 Private Reserve T-Shirt
  • Two limited edition guitar picks with Private Reserve logo
  • Includes Certificate of Authenticity on a cool card
  • One of the 350 Super Duper buyers will be chosen at random to receive an extremely rare (#1 of 1) glicee print of this years Private Reserve label signed by Dexter Holland.
  • $75

While Supplies Last.

What You Get:

The Cheapskate package!

One plain label bottle.

Comes in a plain paper bag!
  • One plain bottle of Private Reserve
  • One plain paper bag
  • $15